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Mike Gandolfo, PCTA President

The PCTA Presidents’ Message:

An “Ask” from your President!

Two years ago last December, the Executive Director of PCTA-PESPA retired leaving the position open. PCTA made an initial attempt at interviews to hire a replacement but with declining …Read More

Nelly Henjes, PESPA President

The PESPA Presidents’ Message:

Article XIII Evaluation Procedure

A. Evaluation Procedure It is the philosophy of this Agreement that evaluation is a developmental process. All evaluations shall be the responsibility of the administration …Read More

Beth Premo, Membership Servises Director for South County

Beth Premo, Membership Services Director:

Help is a Phone Call Away..

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out? Have a difficult relationship with a colleague or a loved one that you could use some advice on how to …Read More

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Don Manly, Membership Services Director for Upper Mid County

Don Manly, Membership Services Director:

Know Your PCTA Contract:Teacher Files

Each teacher shall have the right to review by appointment the contents of his/her personnel file. Upon prior notification in writing by the teacher,…Read More

Thomas Lentz, Membership Servises Director for Lower Mid County

Thomas Lentz, Membership Services Director:

New Year, New Money?

Now that everyone’s bank accounts are trying to recover from the holidays, people start to wonder about when or if they can expect bonuses.…Read More

Rosemary Scalzo, Membership Services Director for North County

Rosemary Scalzo, Membership Services Director:

How Are Evaluations Coming Along?

The goal is for every instructional staff person to get at least an EFFECTIVE rating on their evaluation. Make sure that when your administrator walks…Read More

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Urgent PESPA News!

The decertification bill has been brought back from the dead in the form of HB 25. It has already passed through the House Committee and is expected to have a companion bill in the Senate that could potentially devastate working families
You can also contact a member of the Government Accountability Committee through a hotline that the Florida AFL-CIO set up. Call (855) 235-2469 to be connected with a state representative on the Government Accountability Committee. Let them know that you reject this clear assault on workers’ rights. Call your Senators and let them know that we expect them to defend working families and vote against this bill.
If this bill becomes a law, all locals with less than 50% membership will be decertified, that includes PESPA. It’s time to stand up and join your union or we will be saying goodbye to our voice, our representation, our contractual rights and our PESPA. The folks that fight for your raises, health insurance, who make sure you have a guaranteed job when your unit is cut, we need you to stand together. Help us get our membership over 50% so we can tell our enemies in Tallahassee that we are here to stay.